The best 6 choices for wireless door bell with its advanced features including long distance motion detector door bell with camera and door bell CCTV

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This door bell functions to help provide information that the house has guests and usually this door bell is placed near the entrance and when the guest presses the button the bell will ring and the occupants of the house come out immediately and the installation of this door bell is very easy because it already uses modern technology, namely wireless door bell

Here we recommend 7 door bell wireless with all its advanced features :

1. Wireless door bell 1 transmitter and  Push Button

This door bell has a modern design and features waterproof and dustproof and the push button is weather resistant with temperatures of -22 F to 158 F and the range of this wireless door bell is up to a radius of 1000 ft / 300 meters so that with a wide range ensures you are heard even if you are Being in the back of your house suitable for the school apartment villa office warehouse

The number of wireless door bell ringtones 38 melodies that are owned by this door bell is up to 4 levels, the volume is adjusted from 25 db to 85 db.

The installation is quite easy, you just plug it into a mini receiver to the socket in your house

2. Wireless Door Bell 1 Receiver and 2 remote buttons

This door bell has a modern minimalist design and features that are waterproof and dustproof. on the front door, one on the side door and other features, the range of this bell is very wide, which is 300 meters (1000 ft), it can penetrate steel exterior walls and interior walls so you only install this wireless door bell easily and don’t change anything in your home with 38 tones ring so that you have a variety of sound melodies that you like.

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